5 days Isha
Hatha Yoga Retreat
with Svetlana Katnic, Kate (Montenegro)
In the footsteps of Sadhguru's teachings, a voyage to explore Classical Hatha Yoga
This retreat is for you if
  • you want to bring balance to your body, mind and energies,
  • you would like to experience deep inner peace and joy,
  • you are longing to reconnect with nature and feel rejuvenated,
  • you are ready to obtain powerful tools for self-transformation,
  • you desire to unleash your full potential as a human being,
  • you wish to build a stable basis for your spiritual growth.
What уou will learn
  • Powerful yogic practices
    Powerful yogic practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life
  • Keeping mental stability and focus
    How to keep your mental stability and focus with a simple nada yoga practice
  • Breathing practice
    A breathing practice (pranayama) for the stability of your entire energy system
  • 5 elements
    How to approach the 5 elements within you and in nature, so that they work for your wellbeing
  • Experience your true self

    How to create a detachment from your body-mind and experience your true self
  • Yogic approach to food
    A yogic approach to food that is conducive to the classical hatha yoga practices
What sets Isha Hatha Yoga apart?
Our lineage: consider what it could be like to learn Yoga from the source, say from a yogi in the Himalayas, to know that what you are receiving is authentic without any distortion. Isha Hatha Yoga is that. Our practices come from the Adiyogi and the 7 Saptarishis and were brought to the South of India by Agastya Muni, the father of South Indian mysticism.

Our programs are designed by Sadhguru the living master, yogi and mystic, and the founder of the Isha Foundation (www.isha.sadhguru.com), and are always conducted in a committed and conducive atmosphere, with meticulous attention to every aspect of the class. Isha Yoga is practised by millions around the world and its benefits have been recorded in many studies that show significant increases in concentration, mental clarity, emotional balance, energy levels, productivity, inner peace, and self-confidence.
Surya Kriya
Description of the main practice

Surya Kriya is a potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness, and complete inner well-being. It activates the solar plexus to raise the Samat Prana, or solar heat, in the system. It also balances a person's left and right energy channels, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind. Traditionally available only to select groups of yogis, Surya Kriya is being offered by Sadhguru as a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today's world.
Benefits of Surya Kriya
  • Develops mental clarity and focus
  • Remedies weak constitutions
  • Boosts vigour and vitality
  • Balances the body, mind and energies
  • Rejuvenates all the major organ systems including balancing hormonal levels
  • Supports one to become meditative and experience peacefulness and joy
Where you will live
Each of our tents has a private entrance and its own outdoor space. Tents are fully equipped with authentic teak furniture combined with Siberian larch flooring. Bathroom are attached and are equipped with all necessary facilities.
What you will eat
You'll indulge in delicious and nutritious vegetarian cuisine served in a buffet-style twice a day. We employ interesting cooking methods like sous-vide and the making of raw desserts to preserve the maximum nutritional value of the ingredients. Treat yourself to healthy and flavourful meals in the cosy ambience of our retreat centre.
What you are paying for

  • 5 days/4 nights accommodation
  • 2 daily vegetarian meals of delicious and nutritious fare (Brunch & Dinner)
  • 2 daily yoga practices (Surya Kriya, Nadi Shuddhi, AUM, Isha Kriya)
  • Nature walk to explore ašuma surroundings
  • Personal time to rest, reflect and be one with life

Not included
  • Flights to/from Montenegro
  • Transfers to/from ashuma centre
  • National park fee, 3 euro
    (to be paid at the gate at your arrival)
  • Anything which is not mentioned as included
What else will be part of your experience
Delightful treats and serene moments
Crafting Essential Oils
Participate in crafting the finest essential oils and receive a hydrosol as a complimentary gift
Dessert Delights & Tea Selection
Indulge in our signature raw desserts and a delightful tea selection amidst nature's beauty in our lounge
Evening Bonfire
Enjoy the cozy warmth of an evening bonfire in delightful company
Artisanal Weaving
Create a personalized souvenir or accessory for your home with our artisanal weaving sessions
Daily Schedule Breakdown
  • Saturday, June 1

    14:00 Check-in

    16:30 Meet & Greet

    Introduction to the retreat by the teacher (a short intro, interaction with the participants, a brief video, and orientation about the program)

    18:30 Dinner

    20:00 Bonfire time

  • Sunday, June 2

    07:00 Yoga Class (Surya Kriya – teaching, guided Chit Shakti meditation)

    10:00 Brunch

    11:30 Free Time & Relaxation

    16:30 Yoga Class (Nadi Shuddi and AUM teaching)

    18:30 Dinner

    20:00 Bonfire time/Evening video for deeper Yoga Exploration if desired
  • Monday, June 3

    07:00 Yoga Class (Surya Kriya – teaching; Nadi Shuddhi, AUM – guided practice)

    10:00 Brunch

    11:30 Free Time & Relaxation
    Nature Walk to explore ašuma surroundings

    16:30 Yoga Class (Isha Kriya teaching)

    18:30 Dinner

    20:00 Bonfire time/Evening video for Deeper Yoga Exploration if desired
  • Tuesday, June 4

    07:00 Yoga Class (Surya Kriya – teaching; Nadi Shuddhi, AUM, Isha Kriya – guided practice)

    10:00 Brunch

    11:30 Free Time & Relaxation

    16:30 Yoga Class (Nadi Shuddhi, AUM, Isha Kriya – guided practice)

    18:30 Dinner

    20:00 Bonfire time/Evening video for Deeper Yoga Exploration if desired
  • Wednesday, June 5

    08:00 Yoga Class (Surya Kriya – guided practice and corrections; Nadi Shuddhi, AUM, Isha Kriya - practice)


    10:00 Brunch

    12:00 Check-out

  • Notes:
    The content may be subjected to changes
Additional practices that will be taught during this retreat
  • Nadhi Shuddhi
    A Yogic practice that cleanses the nadis – the pathways through which prana (vital energy) flows – resulting in a balanced energy system and psychological well-being. It relieves anxiety, stress and psychological tension, and brings balance to your thoughts, activities and emotions, so you can enjoy a deep sense of peace throughout the day.
  • AUM chanting
    AUM chanting is a powerful practice that aligns the three fundamental aspects of the system – body, mind and energy – leading to a more profound experience of life. It helps stabilize the body and mind, thus eliminating psychological disturbances and alleviating chronic ailments. AUM chanting creates a powerful basis for further inner exploration.
  • Isha Kriya meditation
    The purpose of Isha Kriya is to help an individual get in touch with the source of his existence and to create life according to his wish and vision. Daily practice of Isha Kriya brings health, dynamism, peace and well-being. It is a powerful tool that develops mental clarity and focus and creates mental stability.
Immerse yourself in Montenegro's mountain beauty
Our clients are talking about ashuma

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  • Sarah L
    Ašuma silent retreat
    This place, set in Lovcen National Park, is amazing. I could tell that there was a lot of thought and care put into creating it. I joined a silent retreat and it was just perfect. Accommodation is 5star glamping…all the way down to a plush robe and slippers! Food is delicious and the lounge area is comfy and peaceful. I'm ready to return! Highly recommend.
  • Kate H
    Ašuma yoga escapes
    Such an amazing place! The location is so quiet and surrounded by green, all you can hear is birds. The tents are wonderful and attention has been paid to every detail - I loved sleeping practically outside but still in a comfortable bed. Food was also healthy, local and delicious. My retreat was only for two nights but I would have happily stayed another week. Can't wait to return.
  • Ionela Patrascu
    sunrise pym
    It was awesome! Everything was truely great from the place, the quiet, the crickets and the birds to the staff very friendly and ready for us all the time. We will came back here every year for sure!
  • Tania I
    A magically beautiful secluded place in the mountains, attentive and very sincere staff who were ready to fulfill any request, delicious, healthy vegetarian food filled our 7-day retreat with peace and happiness. Thank you. I wholeheartedly recommend Mountain Retreat Center Ashuma for people who want to find peace and harmony.
  • Maria S
    We have an amazing experience in Ashuma right now, September 2023. From the very first day being here is like to be in a fairy-tale: very special place, where natural beauty is connected with lovingly created man made space. Even the smallest details are so well thought, convenient, and ful of soothing positive energy. Tents are lovely to stay, and all other spots (yoga hall, dining area, chill out gathering space etc.) are planned and made with lots of love. Nice to touch, beautiful to see, pleasure to be. And last, but not least is a group of people who make all of this work. Their work is impeccable, they are always here for you in a very genuine, kind and delicate way! Guy, you are truly amazing! Thank you for everything you do.
A smoke- and alcohol-free environment
About the retreat center
Ashuma is a glamping retreat born from the dream to create a sacred and safe space for people who are on their journey to self-discovery and want to improve their quality of life, through mindful practices and choices.

Our venue covers 10 hectares of forest in the extraordinary setting of Lovcen National Park, Montenegro. Immersed in such a unique scenario you can get to experience true contact with nature and its elements. It is a remote location, surrounded by stunning peaks and unforgettable views, yet enough close to the main areas of interest of a country which is all to be explored.

The centre consists of 11 eco-friendly luxury tents, to accommodate up to 26 people, a fully equipped activity hall, a spacious lounge area and a dining hall where delicious organic vegetarian and vegan meals are served.

If you feel this retreat might resonate with you but are not yet sure whether to join or not,
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luxury mountain retreat
in the Lovcen National Park of Montenegro
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