4 days Mindfulness Retreat
with Chika Wakamori Burnham
  • 4 days/3 nights accommodation
  • 2 vegetarian meals a day (Brunch & Dinner)
  • 2 daily practices (yoga & meditation)
  • nature walk to harvest aromatic plants
  • distillation workshop
  • personal time to rest, reflect and being one with life
Not included
  • Flights to/from Montenegro
  • Transfers to/from ashuma centre
  • National park fee (to be paid at the gate at your arrival)
  • Anything which is not mentioned as included

Daily Schedule Breakdown

Day 1: Tuesday, May 21

Evening (Upon Arrival):
Mindfulness practice (Energy alignment)
Guided Meditation (Ultimate relaxation)

Day 2: Wednesday, May 22
Miraculous 7-way Greetings
Mindfulness Practice (Self value & acceptance)
Guided Meditation (Selflove and healing)
Mindfulness Practice (Strengthen & widen energy)
Guided Meditation (Energy cleanse)

Day 3: Thursday, May 23
Miraculous 7-way Greetings
Mindfulness Practice (Self Energy Cleansing)
Guided Meditation (Cord-cutting)
Mindfulness Practice (Association & dissociation)
Guided Meditation (Infinite possibility)

Day 4: Friday, May 24
Morning (Before Departure):
Miraculous 7-way Greetings
Guided Meditation (Energy boost)
Note: The content may be subject to change.
This 4-day workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive immersion into holistic wellness practices, focusing on mindfulness and guided meditation techniques. Each day offers a balanced blend of morning and evening sessions, designed to facilitate emotional awareness, relaxation, energy cleansing, self-discovery, and manifestation. Through a series of guided activities and mindfulness practices, attendees will learn valuable tools to manage stress, enhance their emotional well-being, and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves.

Benefits for participants:

  1. Enhanced Emotional Awareness: Participants will learn how to make their emotions visible and gain insights into managing them effectively through Mindfulness practice.
  2. Ultimate Relaxation and Stress Relief: Daily Guided meditation sessions will offer participants an opportunity to unwind, relax deeply, and alleviate stress, promoting overall well-being.
  3. Self-Empowerment: By delving into techniques for self-energy cleansing, participants will gain a sense of empowerment and autonomy over their own energetic well-being.

Available additional experiences:

Those who seek for an even more profound experience beyond the scheduled group sessions, throughout the 4-day retreat, will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in private one-on-one hypnotherapy and/or Reiki sessions. These sessions will be arranged upon requests.

Meditative Integration for New-Self Design Private Session (M.I.N.D Method)

"Delve into a profound exploration of self-discovery and transformation through our exclusive Meditative Integration for New-Self Design (M.I.N.D) session. This unique experience unlocks the untapped potential within your subconscious mind, promoting emotional healing, and expediting your journey towards achieving personal goals."

Reiki Healing Private Session

"Embark on a deeply rejuvenating and transformative experience with a Private One-on-One Reiki Session – a personalized journey to restore balance, harmony, and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit."

About Chika Burnham
As a certified hypnotherapist, mindfulness coach, and Reiki healer from Japan, I've explored spirituality and well-being extensively. With a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in education from the United States, I've acquired insights from diverse cultures. My experience as an educator revealed the profound impact of mindfulness and holistic education in the lives of my students. Guided by the wisdom passed down from my grandfather, a revered Shinto priest and energy healer, I embraced my calling to assist others through the transformative practices of energy work.

I firmly believe in the capacity for change within each of us, at any stage of life. By delving into the intricate workings of consciousness and practicing the art of shifting awareness, profound transformations await. It is with great anticipation that I await the opportunity to share my expertise at the enchanting ašuma retreat. Please join me on this journey of holistic wellness and self-discovery.
Our clients are talking about ashuma
  • Sarah L
    Ašuma silent retreat
    This place, set in Lovcen National Park, is amazing. I could tell that there was a lot of thought and care put into creating it. I joined a silent retreat and it was just perfect. Accommodation is 5star glamping…all the way down to a plush robe and slippers! Food is delicious and the lunge area is comfy and peaceful. I'm ready to return! Highly recommend.
  • Victoria Zimmer
    Yoga retreat
    I would like to start my review by expressing deepest gratitude to all staff at Ashuma retreat for helping us to host our first retreat in Montenegro. Each of them have made organising a retreat seem like a holiday to both participants and organisers despite flight delays and cancellations coming from the UK! This was my first fully catered retreat where literally the only thing I had to do as an organiser was to manage our practices and make sure all participants have been taken to and from the accommodation. Everything else has been done by a super friendly team. Some of them we haven't met in person but have hours of online communication from the moment we decide to book the venue to the moment we have left and beyond. The retreat center is beautifully located up in the mountains, where you get the feel of an African safari camp on one hand (I have many under my belt) and a feel of Asia on the other, thanks to many stunning pieces of furniture and arts from Indonesia. I am a huge fan of both countries hence seeing this fusion in Montenegro has been an extraordinary experience. When we select a venue, it is vital for us to leave as little footprint as possible and Ashuma has met all of our expectations of an eco - friendly yoga retreat centre. Every aspect of the nature surrounding is tranquil and blissful, it is a truly majestic place for hosting yoga and meditation retreats. Ashuma grounds and yoga shala/venue are in superb condition, it is a newly built centre so everything around is in excellent condition and it was an absolute pleasure to practice on a wooden floor, using mats and blankets made from the natural materials. The food was amazing, well prepared with love and deliciously served. Even though we will make some changes to our menu next time, the beauty of Ashuma staff is that they listen and cater to what you require. Service was at a 5 star level, everyone in Ashuma helped us and our guests with anything we needed. The ambience of the place is unbelievable! We are coming back soon and I have a feeling there will be many more collaborations in the future!
  • Kate H
    Ašuma yoga escapes
    Such an amazing place! The location is so quiet and surrounded by green, all you can hear is birds. The tents are wonderful and attention has been paid to every detail - I loved sleeping practically outside but still in a comfortable bed. Food was also healthy, local and delicious. My retreat was only for two nights but I would have happily stayed another week. Can't wait to return.
  • Ionela Patrascu
    sunrise pym i for Yoga Retreat
    It was awesome! Everything was truely great from the place, the quiet, the crickets and the birds to the staff very friendly and ready for us all the time. We will came back here every year for sure!
  • Tania I
    A magically beautiful secluded place in the mountains, attentive and very sincere staff who were ready to fulfill any request, delicious, healthy vegetarian food filled our 7-day retreat with peace and happiness. Thank you. I wholeheartedly recommend Mountain Retreat Center Ashuma for people who want to find peace and harmony.
  • Maria S
    We have an amazing experience in Ashuma right now, September 2024. From the very first day being here is like to be in a fairy-tale: very special place, where natural beauty is connected with lovingly created man made space. Even the smallest details are so well thought, convenient, and ful of soothing positive energy. Tents are lovely to stay, and all other spots (yoga hall, dining area, chill out gathering space etc.) are planned and made with lots of love. Nice to touch, beautiful to see, pleasure to be. And last, but not least is a group of people who make all of this work. Their work is impeccable, they are always here for you in a very genuine, kind and delicate way! Guy, you are truly amazing! Thank you for everything you do.
About ashuma
Ashuma is a glamping retreat born from the dream to create a sacred and safe space for people who are on their journey to self-discovery and want to improve their quality of life, through mindful practices and choices.

Our venue covers 10 hectares of forest in the extraordinary setting of Lovcen National Park, Montenegro. Immersed in such a unique scenario you can get to experience true contact with nature and its elements. It is a remote location, surrounded by stunning peaks and unforgettable views, yet enough close to the main areas of interest of a country which is all to be explored.

The centre consists of 11 eco-friendly luxury tents, to accommodate up to 26 people, a fully equipped activity hall, a spacious lounge area and a dining hall where delicious organic vegetarian and vegan meals are served.

luxury mountain retreat
in the Lovcen National Park of Montenegro
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